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Photographic exhibition

A photographic exhibition by the Sheffield artist Anton Want is on show in the Foyer of the Stephen Langton Building. This accompanies Professor Dave Boothroyd’s Research project ‘Shared Space and Space for Sharing’ .

The advent of Web 2.0 and social media have opened up new opportunities for individuals to share information and experiences at a local, national and global level. But what do people choose to share online when they find themselves in difficult and precarious circumstances? And what can we learn from this about how trust and empathy are established and maintained in online relationships more generally? These questions lie at the heart of this innovative research project which is looking at the online relationships and behaviour of people affected by: natural disasters; life-threatening or terminal disease; organ donation; experiencing suicidal thoughts, or engaging in risky illicit drug use.

Venue: TBC
Time: TBC
Age / Key Stage: Suitable for all



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