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Singing Glass: the glass armonica and new glass instruments

Come and hear about the “incomparably sweet” tones of the ‘glass armonica’, a musical instrument developed by Benjamin Franklin in the mid-18th Century, and inspired by the scientist Edward Delaval (who lived at Doddington Hall near Lincoln). Delaval was known throughout England as master of the still-popular ‘singing glasses’. The armonica was said to cause madness; the musician (and the audience) were plunged into ‘a nagging depression’ and ‘a dark and melancholy mood that is apt method for slow self-annihilation’.

In this event, we will discuss the science and history behind this intriguing instrument, and present plans and prototypes for a collaboration between artists, musicians and physicists that aims to both replicate and expand upon the design of this strange historical instrument.

Venue: TBC
Time:  TBC
Age / Key Stage: 11+



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